The Shirts

You can practically design the shirt from scratch. When you have filled in the questionnaire we have your sizes on file, so then its only the fun parts left. You chose your collar in the shop and then we go on to the design of the shirt and what specials you want. Me for one likes to have an extra button hole on the sleeve to be able to use cuff links on normal shirts. A small thing, but for me essential. So lets go, this is what you can do!

These are the styles we offer. Not bad uh?  You should already have chosen this but we have even more installed for you, Do you want a softer touch on your lining of hte collar and cuffs then you should tell us.  

And then you can chose 2 buttons on the collar, not bad. 

And how you want you collars, well, its really up to you. You go! Why not try something new? 

Colonial Offic world wide style

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