Welcome to colonial office

Give us 5 min of your time and we will email you some cool design suggestions in a few days. Completely free of charge. No Credit cards and no hidden costs. And you can chose to leave at any time. 

We think you will be amazed by the possibilities of this unique way of shopping.  Except for your style prefference you will give us your height, weight and age and our AI will give us a suggestion on your sizes. 

Only smaller adjustments will be necessary if you don't have special request. 

If you do not have an CO agent in your area and want to take advantage of the full measurement potential of our tailoring option, you can take your own full measuremensts here. It takes a bit longer but is so worth it. You will  need a measuring tape, and its good to have help.  

You will never wear anything else again. 

This might take up to 20 min. 

We are here to help. We can help you online via any digital tool of choice. By phone or in real life.  Please get in touch and we will sort it out. 

If we need to travel or visit for longer sessions we will quote you on the cost. 

We will ship your order in 3-4 weeks after approval of design suggestions! PAYMENT is done AFTER you approve your designs

Then you stir your cocktail, put on your favorite album, sit back and wait until your order arrives. 

Colonial Offic world wide style

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