A classic shirt with button-down was originally worn by the polo players to keep their collars down while playing. This is a true favorite amongst subcultures and tends to give a slightly tougher look to the wearer. If you want to follow the fashionistas, you can always unbutton the button-downs, otherwise, it can favorably be used with a tie or perfectly just with one button undone. 

Button Down collar

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  • Every shirt is specially made for you. So before we can deliver, you need to fill in your measurements, or we will contact you shortly after your order is placed to help out. Then you need to choose the fabric. 

    The shirt is made to measure, so you will have a lot of options. But our staff will help you with that.

    After your order, you will get a picture of your shirt and the specifications so you can confirm it before we start making it.

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