The Pants

When I was a teen in the 80s, it was hard to find low rise pants.  I could have died for a pair of hipsters, but everything was high waisted with double pleats and a lot of fabric, probably as a reaction to the 60s and 70s. As a mod, it was also the thing with very short pants, and my normal friends kept on laughing and screaming to the to them hilarious joke that "Are you waiting for the tide?!.  Well, I have kept my short pants as a statement and shame on him that gives in, 15 years later I was in fashion again, and it has stayed there for quite some time now, even if we see it slowly changing again towards longer legs and higher waists. In the last few years you see the sock on every punter in town. 

For me, short pants is a harder, tougher, younger look, and even though I am now in my 50s, I feel like a kid in baggy and long pants. It does not matter that I was compared to the Swedish character "Papphammar," Steve Urkel and Mr. Bean, it didn't matter, the British youth subcultures had stuck and so did my style, 

Now, most men find and settle with their style somewhere in their 20s, and then, damn be it if we change it.  But since fashion changes, it can be a bit tricky to keep finding the same style as they disappear and become unfashionable. Now that problem is all gone, and that problem is no more. So you can get the skinny, short leg with cuffs,  Bogart style mid stomach high rises, or even cut the style down to shorts to your jacket as any good British colonist,  or as the tailors in the 80s insisted on, to have that darn crease and fabric hanging on the shoe, which still sadly is around today as a norm. But either way, the point is that you can have it any way you want, and we will sort it out for you.  Enjoy your pants. 

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