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The Colonial Office is a webshop that supply garments on demand, with your style and fit, ie tailored.  It means we manufacture the products after you have ordered them in your measurements, ideas and fabrics. This means we do not carry any stock. Therefor you also need to wait for the delivery of your garments.  But there are of course huge advantages with this: 

1. You will be or will measure yourself so that you get a much better fit than if you buy off the shelf in a shop.

2. Your measurements are stored with us and you if you want another piece you just chose the style and fabric and it is shipped to your door. 

3. You get your own style! This is important. You chose the style and fit, colors and patterns. If you like lapelles, wider, narrower, vest, baggy or skinny, its all up to your taste. The options are endless to get you a style that is unique for you and we are here to help. So you get it right!

4.   The fashion industry is responsible for a lot of waste. This way of shopping has  a smaller environmental footprint than if you buy in a store. 

So what are you waiting for! 


That sound great, lets go then..

So you want to make an order!

1. We will need your measurements and start your account. You either fill in this questionaire or you set up an appointment with our representative to help you through it. 

2. When we have you info. You get our representative to help you with your choices or, you have a look on the different styles below or in the SHOP where there are some suggstions. There are an intinity of variations since all combinaitons are possible any way you like it. So talk to us and we´ll make the changes.  

Styles you find here. Fabrics you find here. 

3. Chose the style you want, and the fabric and you we will send you an image of how it will look. When you approve this, you pay for it and we start manufacturing it

4. And in 3-4 weeks from payment we will delver it to a local tailor where you will pick your order up. 

5. If there are any changes needed, we will help you with this to get the perfect fit. 

SO what's there to chose from?

What style do you like?  1, 2 or 3 button jackets? Pleats or flat front? Waistcoat with lapelles, low or high cut? Double breasted. The options are endlesss. But here are some suggestions that makes this so very intersting so that you get your personal style. 

Keep in mind that all suits comes in all fabrics, colors and personal changes. We will guie you no worries. But the below are the main styles ideas. 

The Suits

Some of the choices you have on the jacket are: 

*Slim fit or regular

*Lapell width and style, notch, peak, or shawl. 

*Pockets with flap, double welted or patched. Slanted or standard. extra pocket. 

*Back center vent or side vents.

*More or less sleeve buttons, with our without button holes. 

*With our without lining


1 Button 2 piece suit

1 Button 3 piece suit

2 Button is by far the most used suit today. The 3 button is more for 1960 fans and if you want to go more Peeky Blinders then you add a waistcoat. 

2 Button 2 piece suit

2 Button 3 piece suit

(with waistcoat)

3 Button 2 piece suit

3 Button 3 piece suit

(with waistcoat)

Some of the ideas for the pants are:

*Slim fit or normal

*Pleats, no pleats or double pleats

*Fastening, centered, displaced, no button, off centered buttonless

*Diagonal or rounded pockets and a variation of back pockets. 

*With or without cuffs, and your perfect length. 

*As shorts

*Bottom width and of course the length. 

Double breasted and formal wear.

A double-breasted suit is a fantastic piece. With a tie, it tops the business suits, and in linen, with an unbuttoned shirt, it gives a very relaxed and fresh exclusive look. Now it requires its wearer since it is tough to pull of unbuttoned. Your sort of stuck, but you will probably steal the show. 


I hear that men look the same with their tuxedos, and they can't be more wrong. There are so many ways to do it, even sticking with traditions. Just having a well-fitted one is a big plus, and you will stand out. And to top over the crowd, add a signature to your outfit with a unique shape or an extra. And start hosting at least one tuxedo event a year to keep the tradition going. 

Double breasted 2 piece suit

1 Button 2p Tuxedo 

The Waistcoat


A waistcoat is coming back. It gives a brilliant look, as it provides that extra. Only wearing a shirt can give an undressed look, and with a jacket, it can be a bit overdressed. The waistcoat gives that middle feel of just right, especially inside, and while working. It also adds excellent character and style. Matching can be done to look as smart as Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968. a must-see) or as hard as most people in Peaky Blinders. Here you can make your waistcoat just as you like it with the same fabric back, lapels, and the necessary length to not look like a total jerk. (as with most clothes, a piece, however good, does not automatically make you cool. It requires some thought.) 

Some of the choices to the waistcoat that can be done are: 

*Single breast 3 buttons, 4 buttons, 5 or 6 Buttons. 

*Double breasted 4 or 6 buttons

*No lapels, nothed, peak or shawl lapels. 

*Straight, diagonal or rounded bottom edge

*With or without breastpocket

*Welt pockets, double welt, with flap and extra pocket. 

*Back in silk or in same fabric as the front

*The height of the buttoning

The Shirt

A shirt has several components: A one-piece back, which is usually pleated, gathered, or eased into a section of fabric in the upper part of the back behind the neck and over the shoulders known as the yoke (either one-piece or seamed vertically in the middle); one-piece sleeves with plackets at the wrist, or else short-sleeved (cut off above the elbow), though this is not traditional; a band of fabric around each wrist known as a cuff; the collar, a strip around the neck, which is normally a turndown collar, with the strip folded down away from the neck, leaving two points at the front, the width of which is known as the spread; and finally two front panels which overlap slightly down the middle on the placket to fasten with buttons (or rarely shirt studs).  Read more on Wikipedia


Kent Collar

Button Down

Long Collar




Design your own shirt. We help you!

To be able to make the order we need your measurements! And we are here to help! You only need to do this once and then we have you on file.

We manufacture only on demand so you need to fill this out. But you only fill it out once. We have tried to make it as easy as possible, but if you need asssistance, don't hesitate to make an appointement. 

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