How to install your digital Membership card

Firstly you need to have taken your measurements with one of our people, so you are in our system. Then we need a photo of your face so if we did not take one at the measurement time and you are not  Tom Hardy, ie easily found online you need to send one to us.  Then we will make your card and send you your specific URL 

When you get it:

1. open it in your phone browser.

2. On the iPhone, find the arrow in the box in the centre bottom and press it.

3. Now move the "copy" field up and press "add to home screen" 

4. Voila, look at the home screen on the phone and see the CO logo. press it and there is your ID for any event, discount or just to flash for your friends.  

I do not have to say that any misuse immediately disbands any privileges so don't start to be a smarty pant. This is a temporary, but may I say it myself, a very clever solution I came up with, until the app is ready. 

And for you that prefers images: 

Colonial Offic world wide style

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