The time has come to get our Instagram to count. Now before I knew it, Thomas took action and dug down into it doing a tremendous job, don't you think! So make him happy and sign up to follow his work and Colonial Office. And if you send him a little post every now and then, he will be even happier than he normally is! He is a very jolly fellow, you know.



Hey, A word From the editor..

We believe in dressing well. It does not only make you feel good, stand straighter and raise eyebrows on the streets around you. It gets you advantages like upgrading on flights, better tables in restaurants and more job opportunities and why shouldn't it with the average bloke wearing a hoodie or a tee-shirt and worn down sneakers. No its time to step up your game, start wearing some serious duds and take care of your appearance. Now while being at it, think about acting your age,  not all garments work for all ages, regardless of how young you think you are in your mind. 

Now with Covid, you are very likely to be stuck at home, so you have all the time in the world to start exploring our member's section. 

So make Thomas happy, follow us on Instagram and then join our member's section.  /peter


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